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A Laugh A Day Keeps The Doctor Away !
The laughter factory – RAVI SARASWAT

Ravi Saraswat continues to raise his fame and stature in the comedy and entertainment world. His dynamic energy on stage yet charismatic and approachable persona off it has fans hailing him as "a comic for the people." While on stage, he mixes a lively physical presence with full energy, sharp observational humor, and inspirational-family-based laughs. His unique energetic stand up comedy performance is a big hit with fans of all ages and racial backgrounds.

He is currently working on a 15-minute stand up special and Doordarshan programme for Comedy. He is a regular featured comedian of the National fame and is called a famous Laugh Factory, tours the college circuit nationwide and performs in comedy all over.

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away ! Laughter is good for all of us . It is a tension reliever. Have you ever felt your mounting anger give way to a burst of laughter? It can be an icebreaker at a party. "Did you hear the one about...?" Laughter has the ability to transform us from fearful and discouraged to spirited and encouraged. Often, we have little control over life's events, but if we learn to see humor in these situations and laugh, we can minimize the impact.

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