Shalimar Kabab Palace
Dine In. Carryout. Catering~

At Shalimar Kabab Palace, our mission is to provide our customers with  finest quality Asian dishes with more emphasis on Indian and  mughlai cuisines. In addition to providing fine quality dishes,  we have a dedication to the highest quality of customer service, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride
and company spirit.

At Shalimar Kabab Palace gourmets can discover the extraordinary flavours of authentic Nawabi cuisine .Here diners can savour a rich and royal experience of authentic Nawabi kababs.

The patrons of Shalimar kabab palace can feel the kababs being skewered and barbecued by the essence emanating from the kitchen. The flavors of the meats and chicken are exceptionally delicious, perfectly cooked, moist and tender and provide the best ambience with tinkering of taste buds.

The Shalimar Kabab Palace menu has several kebabs, or grilled chicken,  lamb and beef' in an array of styles. In the face of so many choices, are a few combinations platter combining puffy noon bread which was much more than a decorative touch with chicken Kabob & Kobedeh, Lamb Kabob & Kobedeh.