Infinity Ventures always strives through its continuous effort to improve and provide better services at an affordable price to the customers.

We not only provide web services, we help you understand your need and post implementation website management and support for those, who do not have a dedicated IT setup.

We have five standard service packages in web designing:

  • Infinity Basic Package (Static)
  • Infinity Hi-5 Package + Web Management *
  • Infinity Mini Package + Web Management *
  • Infinity Business Package + Web Management *
  • Infinity Master Package (includes Web management)

* optional (but recommended)

Above packages include following features:

Infinity Basic Package (Static):

For those who are looking for an entry level, low cost website. This packet acts as an online brochure for displaying your products and services and is just a click away to any of the future potential customer. The pack has following features:

• Customized Home page plus 5 additional pages (i.e. services, products, about us etc.);

• Creative Web Site Design (under your recommendations we shall find all necessary images and shall process them - this includes on site time, editing and prep, rendering in .jpg and/or .gif, image enhancement and optimization);

• Background Image or Color of your choice;

• Up to 14 images (except catalogs) with no charge for conversion (can be diagram or photographs);

• Text about your organization, approximately 1200 words;

• Text and Graphics supplied by client on E-mail;

• Url submission to major search engines.

Infinity Hi -5 Package:

For those, who are looking for Flashy and attractive website with eye-catching images and aesthetic design. The pack includes search engine optimization feature that will help improve your website rank in search engines and an additional sitemap functionality. The pack includes:

• Customized Flash header home page + 5 pages + Sitemap

• Basic Animated Images

• Basic/complex Flash Animations

• DHTML / JavaScript Effects

• Customized Photographs or images

• Search Engine optimization.

• Customized title header, navigation bars & buttons

• Prior check to make sure your site looks good in Microsoft® Internet Explorer ® and Netscape® Navigator

Infinity Mini Package:

For fast moving business leaders. It is designed to accept customer feedback/ query/ suggestion online. This pack includes internal search option functionality. It may include a small database for storing information. Other features include:

• 7-10 Hi-quality customized WebPages with JavaScript, DHTML and Flash effects.

• Customized feedback/request/query form to capture information from the user in JSP, PHP, ASP or CGI. Database search application option.

• Sitemap navigation.

• Small Database in Ms Access Or MySQL.

• Visitor access counter or stat program

Infinity Mini Package:

This package is for company willing to have an e-commerce website to handle its online transaction. Suitable to cut down cost and increase operational efficiencies in business and e-commerce in true sense. This Pack contains shopping cart functionality and payment gateway integration in addition to features in 1, 2 & 3 above. Features include:

• Separate accessibility for Admin and User

• Shopping cart functionality

• Payment gateway integration

• Optional online chat applet.

Infinity Master Package:

Infinity master pack is designed for big corporate sites looking for market share in Portal, Vortals, B2B, B2C, and C2C cyber space, with multiple options.

B2C portals allow companies to deploy customer, consumer or community Internet sites to provide a centralized full-service starting point that can eventually be customized.

B2B portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.

• Full database driven website.

• 0 text pages designing

• On line Web Application.

• Full Access control to manage the website from anytime from any computer and from anywhere in the world

• Site submission to more than twenty Web index systems like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Alltheweb, Hotbot, Looksmart, Overture, Lycos, AltaVista, Inktomi, and Web-Crawler, so that prospective customers can find you.